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[V.1.3.0] – Changelog 12/17/2017

Hello everyone! How are you? This week we bring you a new game update, which includes a good number of improvements that we hope you like. The most striking is the one we told you last week, the interactions with the cities of other players with which you can get a good number of bonuses and gifts that […]

Upcoming gameplay feature: City Interactions

Hello Everyone! Welcome one more time to our weekly post. This week is being fabulous, the slot machine has been a great adition to the game and our fellow Ecleptians are winning a lot of coins. Many players who have just arrived at the game tell us that when they leave the newbie phase, they run […]

[V.1.2.0] – Changelog 11/8/2017

Hello everyone! How is the war going? I hope you are making powerful allies, as dark times are coming in Ecleptia. A new section added to the game, and many things planned for the future. We have slightly changed the inner workings of the tutorial, preparing it for the future inclusion of advanced missions, and we have also […]

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Zakos Games is a very small company composed of 3 professionals full of enthusiasm and energy. Our goal is to create games that offer a new way for people to have fun through innovative and cool games, apart from the usual clichés of the mass industrialization of video games.

We take what we do very seriously and try to provide a professional finish to our games. Unfortunately time is always against us and being such a small company we are often overwhelmed. That is why we are asking for your support to carry out the projects that we want to offer you.

At Zakos Games we do not ask for charity, your support will always be rewarded creating a mutual and fair profit.
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