About Shonen Idle Z

Hey guys, we want to let you know about Shonen Idle Z since there are many people asking about it.
First of all, we are really sorry about the issues of the game at the moment. Please, let us put some context on our situation with Shonen Idle Z:

Since ‘Save the Earth’, our first game, was not monetized, continuing its development was not possible for us at the time. That’s how we started working on ‘Shonen Idle’. It was published on June of 2015 on Kongregate. While trying to fix some issues that the game had at the time, the game ended in a position that we were unable to put back on track of our intentions for the game. Trying to fix this issues we decided to start the game from scratch and was published on January of 2016 as ‘Shonen Idle Z’ on Kongregate. At the end of that same month we started the greenlight campaign on Steam so more people could play the game.

The game was made using Unity. Chrome deprecated the plugin while developing the game, and not much time after the release, firefox announced that they were planning on doing the same. So we found ourselves in a situation where both our games were going to be unable to be played. During this time, Nigromance joined us and we started the development of ‘War of Ecleptia’.
The greenlight wasn’t really woking, so we embraced the browser nature of ‘Shonen Idle Z’ and we started redoing it again, for the third time, but this time using HTML5 and the phaser framework.

Around mid june of 2016 this new version was ready and we published it as an update.

We kind of forgot about the greenlight since it was growing so slowly and half a year had already passed. At last it got greenlit and this took us by surprise. This slowed down the development of ‘War of Ecleptia’ since we had to adapt a lot of things for Steam. Since it was HTML5 we had to use a library to make the game standalone and prevent stucking the development of ‘War of Ecleptia’ too much. Everything was working fine for us and we published it on july of 2016. Some players started to report some issues with the standalone version but we were unable to fix it without delaying ‘War of Ecleptia’ too much.

During all this time, we kept postponing the problem with our first game, Save the Earth. We had a debt with our players to fix that situation too. We talked about doing this over and over during this time but, since we are a small team, we had been unable to work on it. As one of the artist is getting more time,he is using it to finish this pending job while the other finish the art of ‘War of Ecleptia’ and test things out for this remake.

‘Shonen Idle Z’ has taken too much time and we have been forced by the situation to pause it for a while and take care of other things first.

But rest assured, ‘Shonen Idle Z’ is not dead and it’s not nearly finished.

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