War of Ecleptia Features: The City, Part 3

Welcome one more week to our blog, Ecleptians! Today we close the cycle of the monographic dedicated to the city. We have made a review of the main characteristics of the section, as well as the decisions we have been taking in defining it’s inner mechanics and aesthetics. What a better way to close this […]

War of Ecleptia Features: The City, Part 2

Hello dear Ecleptians!   Welcome one more week to our blog, where we tell you the latest news and curiosities about War of Ecleptia. This is the second episode of a monographic about the city. The previous week we commented on the process we followed to conclude that adding the city as a gameplay element was an interesting idea. […]

War of Ecleptia Features: The City, Part 1

Hello everyone!   Here we are one more week to share with you some of the secrets of the development of War of Ecleptia. One of the most interesting features of the game is undoubtedly the city. Not only it faithfully represents the level of development of your game, but also serves as an environment that envelopes and surrounds […]

Development Logbook #04 – New section: Competitions

Hello everyone! A new week starts today and we bring excellent news: We are finishing a new section that will delight those players interested in the most competitive side of the game. This new section will be called “Competitions” and will host several contests in which you can fight against other players to win juicy prizes. The […]

Development Logbook #03 – New Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today we wanted to talk about one of the things we have been working on lately: The new tutorial.   During the Closed Beta we realized that very few people were getting out of the newbie phase. After analyzing the data, we came to the conclusion that the tutorial was not being clear […]

Development Logbook #02 – The Road (part 2)

Hello everyone! Today we bring you fresh news of the development of War of Ecleptia. Since the last development entry things have come a long way, we already have all the sections that will be integrated on the BETA of War of Ecleptia, and we are doing the last tests to check that everything is in […]

About Shonen Idle Z

Hey guys, we want to let you know about Shonen Idle Z since there are many people asking about it. First of all, we are really sorry about the issues of the game at the moment. Please, let us put some context on our situation with Shonen Idle Z: Since ‘Save the Earth’, our first game, […]

Development Logbook #02 – The Road (part 1)

We started as everyone elses, defining the design of the game. For this project, we decided that we had to do things better than we have so far. We had long discussions on how everything should work, the basic systems, the objectives, the general theme of the game, etc. Once we had all clear we started to […]

War of Ecleptia beta is coming soon!

As the beta is coming closer, we have enabled a website where you can register your e-mail so we can notify you when everything is ready for you to try out. You can also share with others our website in the buttons at the top right. Let everyone know so they can join you in […]

Development Logbook #01 – Presentation.

We are closer and closer to the alpha test of our new game “War of Ecleptia” and we are ready to talk about it! “War of Ecleptia” is a real-time massive multiplayer online resource management game. You will be in charge of a little city from one of two factions. Build new businesses to make […]