Development Logbook #01 – Presentation.

We are closer and closer to the alpha test of our new game “War of Ecleptia” and we are ready to talk about it!

“War of Ecleptia” is a real-time massive multiplayer online resource management game. You will be in charge of a little city from one of two factions. Build new businesses to make it richer and make your city evolve and grow.

The city will evolve as you get richer!
The city will evolve as you get richer!

Don’t forget to hire troops to defend yourself from your enemies and pillage other player’s cities for your advantage in order to be the strongest and dominate the world. Also you will be able to spy on your enemies to plan your next attack and guarantee your victory.

Two playable factions!


To track your position on the world domination, you will be able to check at any time your ranking and players above and below you.
Will you be able to dominate Ecleptia?

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