Development Logbook #02 – The Road (part 1)

We started as everyone elses, defining the design of the game. For this project, we decided that we had to do things better than we have so far. We had long discussions on how everything should work, the basic systems, the objectives, the general theme of the game, etc. Once we had all clear we started to define what we had.
One of the objectives for this game was to improve our UI. Make easy to add new content, easy to navigate and have all the info you need at hand. We think every section of the game should be visually intuitive and appealing.  For this reason we have taken a lot of care designing the UI.


Research and improve your city and army!
Research and improve your city and army!

As we have said in another post, the game will have two factions. The challenge here was to maintain a global aesthetic and a faction aesthetic at the same time. It is important for us that you feel you are playing under a specific faction and it’s not just a name. For that reason, the faction you play define some visual details of the UI.
In past games we had feedback about the resolution, so another objective for the UI was to make it as responsive and versatile as possible. Regardless of your screen resolution, the game will adapt to it. Also, if you want to play the game while watching some youtube videos on half of the screen, the game will adapt to the size so you can do both! It’s been hard work but the results are amazing.
We really think you are going to love it 🙂

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