Development Logbook #02 – The Road (part 2)

Hello everyone! Today we bring you fresh news of the development of War of Ecleptia.

Since the last development entry things have come a long way, we already have all the sections that will be integrated on the BETA of War of Ecleptia, and we are doing the last tests to check that everything is in order before the launch.

As almost always in a project this big, the development time has been longer than we expected. However, the result we have achieved lives up to the quality you deserve, so we are very happy and proud. We think the game is going to freak you out.



During this time we have also worked to improve the details of the user interface as well as adding a lot of “quality of life” improvements.

It is very likely that the next post of this blog is to announce the launch of the game, so stay tuned!

Thank you very much for your patience and support.

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