Development Logbook #03 – New Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today we wanted to talk about one of the things we have been working on lately: The new tutorial.


During the Closed Beta we realized that very few people were getting out of the newbie phase. After analyzing the data, we came to the conclusion that the tutorial was not being clear enough guiding the action through the different stages of the newbie phase.


Giving the option to the player to freely manage the initial resources is something delicate. Such freedom has a positive side and a negative side, and comes with a price. The positive side is that it gives the player the option to manage their resources as he thinks fit, and those who are able to analyze the internal workings of the system will find ways to optimize their income. However, this same freedom can confuse less experienced players, causing them to spend precious resources on elements of little use in the phase in which they are, so that they effectively get stuck in the initial phase, they run out of things to do and leave the game.



When redoing the tutorial we had two main objectives in mind:


1 – Allow the player, whatever his level of ability, to join the game as quickly as possible.


2 – Give very little margin, if not none, to make a mistake and get stuck.


To do this, we have divided the early stages of the game into certain missions that, when completed, give a reward with which to be able to fulfill the following mission.


These missions are much more concrete than the ones in the old tutorial (for example, where it used to be “Buy a building” is now “Buy a tavern”). This helps to better focus the action and allows the player to know what to do at any certain time.


While the mission lasts, all other sections of the game are blocked, and visual aids allow the player to know exactly which button to press at any moment. This way, it is possible to leave the newbie phase in about four minutes, and thus enter the full game experience.



This new tutorial is not without new challenges, but it is a great foundation on which to build the future system of advanced missions.

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