Development Logbook #04 – New section: Competitions

Hello everyone!

A new week starts today and we bring excellent news: We are finishing a new section that will delight those players interested in the most competitive side of the game. This new section will be called “Competitions” and will host several contests in which you can fight against other players to win juicy prizes.

The competitive side of War of Ecleptia is really important to us, as it creates community and offers long-term goals for players to pursue. That is the main objective of the new section. In the beginning there will be two available contests: the contest of attacks and the contest of buildings, each with its own objectives and duration.

In the attack contest players will compete to see who manages to make more successful attacks over the course of a month. Each destroyed building will give a set number of points that will add up to your final score. This competition offers great rewards to the top 10 players who have qualified for the end of the month. The first classified will win a grand prize of 100,000 points of fame and 1,000 diamonds!

On the other hand, in the competition of buildings a great prize will be awarded to the player who has more of the same type of building at the end of each game week. For example, the player who has more taverns will take 100,000 of fame and 100 diamonds at the end of the week. How does that sound?

Here we leave you a screenshot of the section (keep in mind that it’s still unfinished and in spanish!) So you can see how it will look in-game:

Thank you very much for your attention, see you in Ecleptia!

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