Future of the world of Shonen Idle.

Hey everyone! I’m Kaw of Zakos Games. I wanted to address this situation in the most transparent way possible. We have been really busy lately and I feel we’ve not been so communicative lately with Shonen Idle as we used to be in the past and I’m sorry about that. That being said, let’s get to the point already.

After the previous post, even when there have been no updates, we have keep talking a lot and designing a lot of stuff for Shonen Idle and how could we find a way to adapt it.
As time passed and our ideas matured, we found out again that it was impossible for us to adapt everything with the current system. As it is, the only way to evolve the game is basically more of the same thing, kind of forcing us to start again.

The good news is that we have learned from this experience. To prevent finding ourselves again in the same spot in the future we have make sure that the new design let us upgrade the game with any idea that comes to mind without being limited by a rigid design, and at the same time, respect the essence of the others Shonen Idle. This game is most likely going to be called Shonen Idle Super.
A situation we want to correct this way is the lack of updates and patches. We are going to stick with Shonen Idle Super and update it for a long time, if everything goes as planned.

Another issue I wanted to address is the free 2 play model we used for Shonen Idle Z. Looks like a lot of players are not happy with microtransactions and free to play games. So probably it would be better to set a price for the new Shonen Idle Super instead of doing it f2p as in the past. We have not set a price yet, but it will be reasonable.

Feel free to ask about anything.