Future of WoE: Troops Skins

Hello everyone!


As many of you will know, last Monday we launched War of Ecleptia in Kongregate. It has been one of our great milestones to date, but the adventure does not end here.

In fact there are still a lot of sections that will give those final touches to the WoE experience. Today we want to talk about one of them, the collections section, from which you will be able to equip different skins for your troops, to thereby differentiate yourself from the rest of the players.


These skins will be the most varied, and will be unlocked through several different methods. When designing them we wanted to keep the visual essence of War of Ecleptia as much as possible, always having in mind that it is a planet where a large number of different life forms cohabit. Cowboys, ninjas, robots and demons are all mixed together in a world that, as its name suggests, is very eclectic and diverse..


Next week we will bring you more news about the game. Until then, have a good time!

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