[RC 1.0.8] – Changelog 15/10/2017

Hi fellow Ecleptians!


the launch of War of Ecleptia in Kongregate is getting closer and we wanted to commemorate it with a gigantic patch that brings a plethora of new features and improvements to the game. It includes small changes in gameplay, new visual features and several bugs fixes. There’s a little bit of everything! Without further ado, we leave you with the list of changes for the RC 1.0.8 version:


– Game implementation for Kongregate, including shop section for Kreds shopping.
– New section: Competitions added. It adds weekly and monthly contests to the game.
– Improved newbie tutorial, including actions highlight and UI blocking, for greater player comfort.
– Power Ups ratios and costs revised.
– Rows selection sound effect added in Ranking and Competition sections.
– Medkit icon on guards into troops section.
– Number of guards regenerated after attack by medkit now shown on report.
– New icon on spy ranking cards, to warn about spying penalties after the first spy of the day.
– New Floating input text to avoid the in-canvas input object problems for some users.
– Typers display sound effect added.
– Daily tasks cheduled: All new games with 0G/Day after 48 hours are removed. All newbie games older than 2 weeks are removed.
– Buttons event handling improvement.
– Fortress and Bank buildings swapped positions.
– Tooltip on buttons.
– Improved resources tooltips in game header (Now shows extra info).
– Show time of tooltips is shorter.
– Current game world data shown by a tooltip in the game header.
– Research section improvement: More visual references about current and next values from the research upgrade.
– Attack limitation in game for cities that are more than 50 positions above or below the player one.
– Attack report sent: Defenders amount hidden if no attacker survives.
– Retreat factor for attackers soldiers: Now there is a chance for them to survive even if they fail the mission.
– Spying reports now include Maximum Daily Losses.
– Power up “Improved Attacks”: Once attacks limit is reached, this card warns the player to be sure before it is activated.
– Transparent background load when you wait for the game to open.
– Farming handling improved to avoid async events.
– New font for section titles.
– Softer transitions between sections.

– Bug: Attack troop change to defense troop in received attack reports, FIXED.
– Bug: Language selector in registration form doesn’t work properly, always register people in english, FIXED.
– Bug: In-game messages listed unordered, FIXED.



And this is all for now! We are sure that the changes will be to your liking. If you want to comment something do not hesitate to do so in the comment box below or sending us an email!

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