Thursday Mini-Guide: Attack Missions

Welcome once again to the Ecleptia blog! Today we will talk about attack missions.

Combat is one of the most important features of War of Ecleptia. It’s the only way to make losing to rivals and a very interesting way to make extra money if you use it carefully. In addition, if you attack many times successfully you can win the big monthly attack contest.

Before making an attack, it is convenient to prepare properly. The price of the soldiers is quite high and it is convenient to calculate if the attack is going to be profitable or not before its realization.

For this the optimal thing to do is to send a few spies to calibrate the defense of the opponent. Successful espionage will help us know how many guards your enemy has, and the type of building that can be most cost-effective. Calculating the benefits of an attack is easy, you just need to know that each destroyed building of the opponent will give you half of its next construction cost.

Once we have these data we will know exactly which building is the best to aim our attacks. Depending on the value of our enemy’s security investigation, and knowing how many guards he or she has, we can calculate the approximate number of soldiers we will need to send to break his or her defenses.

There are some power ups that can come in handy when managing our attacks. These are “Rapid Deployment” and “Improved Attack”. The first will make missions resolute in half the time, so our attacks will be much more time effective. The second adds extra levels of strength and defense to our army of soldiers on a temporary basis, which can help us destroy that extra buildings we so badly need.

Remember that, even in case you lose the combat, some soldiers can still return from the battlefield. The percentage of retired soldiers will go in relation to the number of defenders that the enemy player has. The more equated the forces are, the easier it will be for them to retreat.

These are some general advice to launching successful attacks, but we are sure that you have your own techniques and strategies. Share them with us in the comment box!

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