Upcoming gameplay feature: City Interactions

Hello Everyone! Welcome one more time to our weekly post. This week is being fabulous, the slot machine has been a great adition to the game and our fellow Ecleptians are winning a lot of coins. Many players who have just arrived at the game tell us that when they leave the newbie phase, they run out of things to do. So for the next update we have focused our efforts on adding new content to try to correct this situation.

One of the novelties is the inclusion of an advanced tutorial that, at the end of the newbie phase, will guide the players through all the features of the game (espionage, attack, arcade…)

The other one, And this is the most interesting for veteran players, will include a series of actions that can be carried out in the cities of your opponents (or friends).

When you enter the city of another player, you will see floating icons  over some buildings, that represent different types of bonuses or actions that those buildings will offer you.  Some bonus are immediate, while others come in form of bonuses to research that will last until the next server reset. The latter are cumulative. Here are the bonuses:

  • Communications tower: Gives you one aditional spionage level. (cumulative)
  • Dojo: Gives you some soldiers based on your sabotage level.
  • Fortress: Gives you one aditional infrastructure level. (cumulative)
  • Pharmacy: Increase the regeneration rate of your guards. (cumulative)
  • Armory: Gives one aditional level of sabotage or defense (50% chance, cumulative)
  • Arcade: Spins a small slot machine, wich will make you win nice prizes randomly.

More details on how these interactions work will be revealed  once the update is live. If you have any idea for new interactios, please write us an email to info@warofecleptia.com and share your thoughts with us!

Have a nice day!