Upcoming Section: Collections

Hello everyone and welcome one more week to the War of Ecleptia blog!

After the Kongregate release we have been carefully analyzing your feedback and we are preparing a series of contents that we hope will greatly improve the gaming experience.

The first of these contents will be a new section: Collections, which will include a large number of customization options for your game. Thanks to the collections you can change the appearance of both the buildings and the troops. A large selection of new avatars will also be added to differentiate you from your opponents.



I want to take this opportunity to remind you that we are a small company made up of three people, and that we are currently working practically for the love of videogames. The game servers have fixed monthly costs, and your contributions are what make us continue working in War of Ecleptia and continue adding content.

Once the collections are online we will start working on new features that we will talk about very soon, and that we think you will love. Stay tuned!