[V.1.1.0] – Changelog 10/26/2017

Hello everyone! These are being some busy days here at the offices of Zakos Games. We’re working really hard to add new content to War of Ecleptia, and the patch that we present today is a good sample of it. Apart from some visual additions to the city, we’ve added a new section to the game: collections, from which you can acquire and equip different skins for your troops and buildings, as well as exclusive avatars to show your support to the game development.

We have very interesting plans for the next patch that we’ll reveal at it’s time, but you can expect new content and a more interactive city, as well as a new section that we are sure you will love. As always, we expect your feedback and, if you see any bug, write to us at support@warofecleptia.com




– New Section added: Collections.
– Skin selector both in City and Troops sections added.
– New Troops backgrounds determined by race.
– Now you can see some birds flying over the cities.
– New vehicle in the city: Motorbike.
– [FIXED] Bug: Title selector get invible on hide action but still interactive
– [FIXED] Bug: Loading logos backface visible for no webkit browsers (Safari)
– [FIXED] Bug: Research section don’t update properly after language change
– [FIXED] Bug: Random server error in combat resolution