[V.1.2.0] – Changelog 11/8/2017

Hello everyone! How is the war going?

I hope you are making powerful allies, as dark times are coming in Ecleptia. A new section added to the game, and many things planned for the future. We have slightly changed the inner workings of the tutorial, preparing it for the future inclusion of advanced missions, and we have also added a completely new section: The Arcade, where you can win fabulous prizes by playing on the slot machine.

Let’s review the changes that this patch includes:

Additions / Changes

New Section: Arcade. Here you can play and win awesome prizes.

Revised tutorial to make it easier and more intuitive.

Max daily loses changed to 15% of your daily gross benefits.

On the troops section, improved usability for amount selectors.


Fixed: Ambient sounds on the city didn’t match with the FX channel volume.

Fixed: Position change arrows were not appearing in the ranking.

Fixed: Some attack missions had some data errors.

These are the changes this patch brings, although there are still many things to add to the game. As always, we want to read  your comments and feedback, as they help us a lot to know how we can continue improving the game.

See you on Ecleptia!