[V.1.3.0] – Changelog 12/17/2017

Hello everyone! How are you? This week we bring you a new game update, which includes a good number of improvements that we hope you like. The most striking is the one we told you last week, the interactions with the cities of other players with which you can get a good number of bonuses and gifts that will help you advance in the ranking.

But that is not the only novelty, we have also introduced balance changes in the power ups and added new tutorial missions for new players.

Here is complete changelog:

  • New Advanced tutorial added after Newbie tutorial.
  • Tax system implemented.
  • Foreign city farming interactions. (As explained in our previous post)
  • Ranking centers on last player city visited.
  • Many Slot Machine balance improvements.
  • Now Slot Machine player settings are stored locally.
  • Power up setion redistribution and research levels requirements to unlock them.
  • Power up -> Fame to diamonds conversor added.
  • Power up -> Defense regeneration values changed to days instead of minutes.
  • Power up -> Boosted defense values changed to one day instead of 2 hours.
  • Power up -> Boosted spying values changed to 1 hour instead of half an hour.
  • Added daily reset event notification on status bar if player is present.
  • Many bug fixes.

After this update we will focus on adding certain features that will make the combat system more interesting, which in turn will be the first step to start working on the clans section, which is quite large and will bring many new features to the game.


As always, we hope you like the update. Write us with your feedback!