War of Ecleptia Features: The City, Part 1

Hello everyone!


Here we are one more week to share with you some of the secrets of the development of War of Ecleptia. One of the most interesting features of the game is undoubtedly the city. Not only it faithfully represents the level of development of your game, but also serves as an environment that envelopes and surrounds the game itself, endowing it with life.


The city section was not introduced until much later in the development. At the beginning, it was going to be a static background, in which the buildings would be painted as they were bought. As simple as that. However, this seemed very uninteresting to us and  the concept of a city that evolved at the same time that the player’s game emerged gradually, resulting in the system that we currently enjoy.


As you advance in the game the city also does it with you, growing and developing in a dynamic and completely randomized way. The traffic is also increasing, you can see more cars strolling through your streets. You will see how the roads change, street lights will appear and the buildings will begin to grow in height. What began as a small walled village is now a great metropolis thanks to your efforts.



This system also works very well as a basis for future expansions that we have in mind, so the city will become increasingly important in War of Ecleptia. When the time comes we will tell you the plans we have for our cities.


In future posts we will discuss the creative process behind the creation of the buildings and how we had to engineer a powerful editor with which we could build any city layouts that we needed.


Thank you very much for reading, see you next week!

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