War of Ecleptia Features: The City, Part 2

Hello dear Ecleptians!


Welcome one more week to our blog, where we tell you the latest news and curiosities about War of Ecleptia. This is the second episode of a monographic about the city. The previous week we commented on the process we followed to conclude that adding the city as a gameplay element was an interesting idea.


This week we’ll talk about the creative process behind the design of each army’s buildings. When we started designing the races we decided that humans would have a more western style and the demons, on the other hand, would have a more oriental aspect. This decision was applied not only to the design of the troops, but also to the buildings.


Not only that, the fact that in the human cities is always day while in the demons ones is always night has had a lot of influence when defining the lighting and color palette of each army. In humans, light and blue colors are preferred, whereas for demons dim colors and red are predominant.


The design process of each of the buildings goes in three phases. First we design a freehand concept that captures the essence of the building that is being designed. After it is redrawn in pixel art, where it is given the last details, the color and the shadows. Here you can see the Arcade design process.

And this is all for this week! In the next and last post of the series we’ll talk about how we had to set up a complex map editor to assemble all the cities that appear in the game and you can read a little interview with our programmer!


Thank you very much for reading, see you next week!

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