War of Ecleptia News: Kongregate, Reset and Gifts

Hello everyone!

These are being exciting weeks for the development of War of Ecleptia. The launch date of the game in Kongregate is very close, and, with it, the definitive end of the beta phase and the beginning of a new stage of the game.

These has been very intense months, in which we have added a lot of things to the game, some of them based on your feedback. A game of these characteristics can be considered to be in continuous development, as new opportunities constantly arise to improve many aspects of gameplay and design. It is a living entity and, as such, is continually evolving and growing.

The launch in Kongregate involves a few things:

  • The player’s games of the beta phase of our website will be reset, for a matter of balance, since we want everyone to have the same opportunities from the beginning.
  • The players of our website will play with those who register from Kongregate. That is, the game worlds will be common for both our web and kongregate. However, playing from our website will have certain advantages that we will comment on over the coming months.
  • To compensate the players who have helped us in the beta phase of the game, we want to thank you with a very special gift: An exclusive in-game avatar with which you can distinguish yourself as Beta players, a special title (“Beta Tester”) and 700 diamonds, the equivalent of about 5 $.

We hope you had fun during this time, just know that there are still a lot of surprises to discover and new sections that we will be adding during the next months: Clans, collections, mini games… We really want to share all that (and a lot more) with you. Without you all this would not be possible.

See you next week, let the war continue!

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