War of Ecleptia is a browser-based, city and army management massively multiplayer online game, set in a grim world where two races have been fighting each other for thousands of years.

The origin of this endless war is a mysterious solar eclipse that transformed half humanity into creatures known as "demons", prompting a wave of religious fervor that soon led to an all-out war between former brothers.

Dive into a world where witchcraft and technology go hand in hand and discover the mystery surrounding Ecleptia and its inhabitants.

Would you want to take a look?

War of Ecleptia Blog

[V.1.3.0] – Changelog 12/17/2017

Hello everyone! How are you? This week we bring you a new game update, which includes a good number of improvements that we hope you like. The most striking is the one we told you last week, the interactions with the cities of other players with which you can get a good number of bonuses and gifts that […]

Upcoming gameplay feature: City Interactions

Hello Everyone! Welcome one more time to our weekly post. This week is being fabulous, the slot machine has been a great adition to the game and our fellow Ecleptians are winning a lot of coins. Many players who have just arrived at the game tell us that when they leave the newbie phase, they run […]

[V.1.2.0] – Changelog 11/8/2017

Hello everyone! How is the war going? I hope you are making powerful allies, as dark times are coming in Ecleptia. A new section added to the game, and many things planned for the future. We have slightly changed the inner workings of the tutorial, preparing it for the future inclusion of advanced missions, and we have also […]

[V.1.1.0] – Changelog 10/26/2017

Hello everyone! These are being some busy days here at the offices of Zakos Games. We’re working really hard to add new content to War of Ecleptia, and the patch that we present today is a good sample of it. Apart from some visual additions to the city, we’ve added a new section to the game: collections, from which […]

Upcoming Section: Collections

Hello everyone and welcome one more week to the War of Ecleptia blog! After the Kongregate release we have been carefully analyzing your feedback and we are preparing a series of contents that we hope will greatly improve the gaming experience. The first of these contents will be a new section: Collections, which will include […]

Future of WoE: Troops Skins

Hello everyone!   As many of you will know, last Monday we launched War of Ecleptia in Kongregate. It has been one of our great milestones to date, but the adventure does not end here. In fact there are still a lot of sections that will give those final touches to the WoE experience. Today […]

War of Ecleptia News: Kongregate, Reset and Gifts

Hello everyone! These are being exciting weeks for the development of War of Ecleptia. The launch date of the game in Kongregate is very close, and, with it, the definitive end of the beta phase and the beginning of a new stage of the game. These has been very intense months, in which we have […]

[RC 1.0.8] – Changelog 15/10/2017

Hi fellow Ecleptians!   the launch of War of Ecleptia in Kongregate is getting closer and we wanted to commemorate it with a gigantic patch that brings a plethora of new features and improvements to the game. It includes small changes in gameplay, new visual features and several bugs fixes. There’s a little bit of everything! Without […]

Thursday Mini-Guide: Attack Missions

Welcome once again to the Ecleptia blog! Today we will talk about attack missions. Combat is one of the most important features of War of Ecleptia. It’s the only way to make losing to rivals and a very interesting way to make extra money if you use it carefully. In addition, if you attack many times […]

War of Ecleptia Features: The City, Part 3

Welcome one more week to our blog, Ecleptians! Today we close the cycle of the monographic dedicated to the city. We have made a review of the main characteristics of the section, as well as the decisions we have been taking in defining it’s inner mechanics and aesthetics. What a better way to close this […]